Custom Foam Inserts

Our custom foam inserts are precision cut using CNC technology. We’ve designed, manufactured and shipped thousands of inserts Australia-wide.

We’re ready to produce the perfect solution for you.

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We offer a range of different foam types from low use budget options to high-quality closed-cell foams and anti-static variants.

We also offer a variety of different colours and the ability to top your insert with a polypropylene sheet.

Polypropylene Top Image

Polypropylene Top

This is a hard plastic top that helps improve the longevity of the insert as well as enhance the appearance.

CNC Case Options Image

Case Options

We can supply most cases needed, Pelican is the most popular option although we do custom make road cases too as well as stock a variety of premade cases.

Medium/High-Density PE45 Closed-cell Foam

This premium closed-cell foam is soft enough to protect your equipment, without compromising on longevity.

Layered Foam Image

Layered EPE Foam

This low density, layered open-cell foam offers a lighter and more budget option, great for high volume product packaging.

Coloured Foam Image

Coloured Foam

Coloured foam and topper is available on request, although subject to availability & MOQ’s.

Screen Printing Image

Screen printing

We have the facilities to screen print on to your polypropylene top. Available for orders of 10 or more.


We’ve made thousands of custom foam inserts for application in hundreds of different industries.

Some examples of cases or equipment that we’ve done foam inserts for are:

  Road Cases   Medical Equipment
  Flight Cases   Trimcast Space Cases
  Pelican™ Cases   Cleaning Equipment
  Tool Cases   Laptop Inserts
  Drawer Inserts   Virtual Reality Equipment
  19″ Rack Drawers   Cameras And Lenses
  Storage Tubs   Broadcast Equipment
  Cardboard Packaging   Defence Equipment
  Display Cases   Trophy Cases
  Gun Cases   Tablets And iPads
  Product Packaging   Mining Equipment
  Instrument Cases   Backpack Inserts
  Engineering Equipment   Briefcase Inserts
  Technical Equipment Inserts

Custom Foam Insert Examples

The following is a selection of the many custom inserts produced for our clients

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