Custom Case Styles & Designs

Because the equipment that you need to protect comes in all shapes and sizes, GigGear Australia Custom Cases are specifically designed and built to match your individual requirements.

Our custom case customer service and design team have extensive experience in case design and are here to help. Simply provide us with the details of the equipment that you need to protect and transport and our team will design and build the best case for your needs. They will also advise on suitable options for you to consider to make handling your case and equipment easier.

The equipment that we are asked to build Custom Road and Flight Cases for varies enormously and the different types of equipment are very often best suited to different construction styles of case. Whether it is a conventional case with a lid at the top, or lift-off lid style for heavier items, front and rear opening, side hinged, twin “clamshell” lids our experienced team will be able to guide you in deciding the best design style for your needs.

However, if you prefer to design your case yourself, we can make anything. If you draw it, we will build it. Just email us at to get the ball (or case) rolling.

Top Loading Cases

Conventional style case with a lid at the top, either hinged or fully removable. Our top-loading cases can be sized from small to as long or wide as necessary. For true customisation, add compartments, movable dividers, drop trays, CNC foam inserts, front or side lids and doors. Design them to be stackable or latch them together.

Fill your custom cases with lots of small/medium-sized items, long items, thin things, flat things, awkwardly shaped gadgets, whatever you need to transport and store securely.

Tip: If the case is over medium height, remember you have to be able to lift the contents out, so if your equipment is individually quite heavy we would possibly recommend a lift-off lid over style case or front/side loading. Also, it’s best not to have the case so high as not to be able to get your item(s) out.

Lift-over Lid Style

Designed so that the removable lid of the case is the main part of the case body, The lid lifts off and over the contents, leaving your equipment exposed on the base of the case. In most designs, your case will include a set of strong castors to help with the easy movement of your items.

The Lift-off lid design is perfect for equipment that can be operated without needing to be taken fully off the case. We have designed cases for heavy equipment such as mixers and amplifiers.

Tip: A highly suitable design for carrying a small number of heavier or larger pieces of equipment. The style allows clearer access to the equipment for manual handling when loading or unloading.

Trolley style “Tilt and Roll” cases

Ideal for small to medium-sized equipment being personally handled in and out of vehicles and through airports etc, the rolling case comes with 2 corner castors or inset inline wheels. To help with easy movement, we can also fit and integrate an extendable handle into the case.

Most frequently added to small and medium-sized top-loading cases, the tilt and roll case can be used on lift-off lid style cases as well as small to medium rack cases.

Tip: Highly suitable for use of lighter weight case panel materials to create a flight case. This is an advantage where both the overall weight and safety of your item(s) is an important factor.

Highest Quality Standards

Our background and history of working within the music, entertainment and touring industry mean that we understand the importance of having your sensitive and highly valuable equipment arrive safe, secure and in perfect working order every time. Our work with the Defence industry ensures that our cases, along with our custom foam inserts, can withstand the roughest treatment whilst keeping your item(s) “snug as a bug in a rug”.

GigGear Australia custom road and flight cases are all made to construction specifications that not only meet but exceed the requirements of international standard ATA 300 category 1. This standard insists that the case in question must be built to a specification designed to withstand 100 round trips with normal airline handling.


All GigGear Australia custom cases are designed and built to protect and transport your sensitive equipment for years to come. This means that not only are you protecting your investment but you are also protecting the environment.

The longevity of a road case means that there is no need for repackaging every time transport is needed, thus saving on environmentally damaging and consumable packaging materials. Our standard road case panels are made from processed plywood sourced from responsibly managed renewable forests, which absorb greenhouse gases.

And when your road case eventually does come to the end of its useful life with you, it will probably still have enough life left in it to be handed down to another user, or if not 85% – 90% of its materials are fully recyclable.

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