Custom Case Styles & Design

Top Loading Cases

Conventional style case with a lid at the top, either hinged or fully removable. It can be sized from small to …. as long or wide as necessary. Add compartments, movable dividers, drop trays, CNC foam inserts, front or side lids and doors, make them stack, latch them together. Make them happy, fill them with lots of small/medium-sized items, long items, thin things, flat things, awkwardly shaped gadgets.

💡Tip: If the case is over medium height, remember you have to be able to lift the contents out, so if your equipment is individually quite heavy we would possibly recommend a lift-off lid over style case or front/side loading. Also not too high – you need to be able to reach into the bottom… unless you are carrying ladders to help you climb back out.

Lift-off Lid Over Style

Designed so that the removable lid of the case is the main part of the case body. The lid lifts off and over the contents, leaving your equipment exposed on the tray like base of the case.

Perfect for equipment that can be operated without needing to be taken fully off the case.

💡Tip: A highly suitable design for carrying a small number of heavier or larger pieces of equipment. The style allows clearer access to the equipment for manual handling when loading or unloading

Trolley Style “Tilt and Roll” Cases

Rolling case with 2 corner castors or inset in-line wheels, also possibly fitted with an extendable handle integrated into the case. Most frequently added to small and medium-sized top-loading cases but can be used on lift-off lid style cases and small to medium rack cases.

Ideal for small to medium-sized equipment being personally handled in and out of vehicles and through airports etc.

💡Tip: Highly suitable for use of lighter weight case panel materials to create lighter weight flight cases where overall weight is an important factor.

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