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GigGear Australia is the leading custom made road and flight case manufacturers. We are a trusted supplier and manufacturer to a wide range of industries, not just the music industry. In the past, we’ve designed and manufactured custom cases for events and trade shows, production, marketing, IT infrastructure, government and agencies, emergency services, police departments, engineering, photographers and motorsports. The list does not stop there.

That trust has been generated through carefully managed customer relationships, bespoke designs and our ability to manufacture the highest quality cases to customer specifications.

The Custom Shop area of our website showcases a small sample of the custom made cases that we have produced in the past. It also provides guidance on the most appropriate style and design of the case for your equipment and information on the specification of hardware and components used and the options available. Check out some of our custom work in our Custom Case Portfolio.

Our professional custom case staff are here to help you with any questions and queries you may have in the process. So if you are looking for the best quality custom case solution go no further, just give us a call on 1300 289 997 or shoot us an email to sales@giggear.com.au and we will take care of the rest.

Custom Made Bespoke Flight Cases

Tucked away in Bayswater, just off the Eastlink, lies GigGear’s custom case workshop – a haven where innovation meets craftsmanship. Here, in the heart of Melbourne, your vision for the ultimate equipment shield takes shape.

Our renowned customer service and design team, seasoned in the art of case creation, will collaborate with you to craft a bespoke solution. Think beyond mere “box” – envision meticulously engineered armor tailor-made for your precious gear.

But the magic lies not just in design. Our team of trade-qualified craftsmen takes pride in breathing life into your blueprint. Each meticulous cut, each perfectly aligned hinge, speaks volumes about their dedication.

The result? A showcase of uncompromising quality, an unwavering shield you can trust with your most valued possessions.

Custom Made Foam Inserts

Protect your valuables, tools and equipment with a custom foam insert from GigGear Australia. Custom foam inserts not only protect your items from shifting during transport but provide an enhanced level of organisation that will bring a smile to your face every you open your case. No more rummaging through the case to find that spare battery. It will be in its assigned cutout ready for instant retrieval and use.

Our custom foam inserts can be made to fit your Pelican™ case or even the amazing Custom GigGear road case you just ordered. We can fit foam into almost any case and design it to perfectly hold and organise your items. We offer a range of different foam types from low use budget options to high-quality closed-cell foams and anti-static variants.

We also offer a variety of different colours and the ability to top your insert with a polypropylene sheet.

Our custom foam inserts are precision cut using CNC technology. We’ve designed, manufactured and shipped thousands of inserts Australia-wide. We’re ready to produce the perfect solution for you.

Industrial and Commercial

As our name suggests GigGear Road Cases started out supplying the music and audio visual industries within Australia, however demand for our road and flight cases rapidly grew to include customers from a very broad range of industries and operations, industrial and commercial, engineering, information technology, government agencies, emergency services, police, military and defence.

Among a wide range of industrial and commercial applications our cases are used for transporting sensitive mechanical equipment for the Australian racing industry, distributing pollution monitoring equipment, delivering delicate medical equipment to facilities around the world, creating “mobile offices in a box” for servers and IT equipment operating in some of the dustiest mining sites in Australia, and transporting oceanography equipment to the most inhospitable places on the planet.

Our custom road cases offer our industrial and commercial clients safety for their equipment and security for their peace of mind.


All GigGear Road Cases custom made cases are designed and built to protect and transport your sensitive equipment for years to come. This means that not only are you protecting your investment but you are also protecting the environment.

The longevity of a road case means that there is no need for repackaging every time transport is needed, thus saving on environmentally damaging and consumable packaging materials. Our standard road case panels are made from processed plywood sourced from responsibly managed renewable forests, which absorb greenhouse gases.

And when your road case eventually does come to the end of its useful life with you, it will probably still have enough life left in it to be handed down to another user, or if not 85% – 90% of its materials are fully recyclable.

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