SKB Drum Package 1 (D1822, D1012, D1214)


10 x 12 Tom Case – Diameter : 36.83 cm
Interior Depth : 30.48 cm
12 x 14 Tom Case – Diameter : 40.64 cm
Interior Depth : 35.56 cm
18 x 22 Bass Drum Case – Diameter : 63.50 cm
Interior Depth : 55.88 cm

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The SKB-DRP1 Kit includes the 09 x 12 Tom, 12 x 14 Tom and the 18 x 22 Bass cases.

Design features include a traditional D shape, with molded in feet for protection and upright positioning, deep Roto-X rib pattern offering durability and reliable stacking, fabric covered foam inserts that resist damage by drum hardware and securely cradle drums with maximum protection and Sure Grip handles with a 90 degree stop.

  • Traditional D shape
  • Molded in feet for protection and upright positioning
  • Fabric covered foam inserts
  • Sure Grip handles with a 90 degree stop
  • Heavy-duty web strap for reliable closure
  • Sturdy high tension slide release buckle


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