Pelican iM26xx Photo Pallet Lid Organiser for iM2600 and iM2620


Length: 37 cm

Width: 51 cm

Height: 5 cm


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The Pelican Storm Case Photography Pallet is a customizable lightweight lid designed to keep photo accessories organized. The organizer fits perfectly inside the lid of the iM2600 or iM2620 Pelican Storm case. It is covered with a water-resistant, PVC coated, high denier nylon fabric that provides strength and protection from the elements. It has loops of elastic strapping for film canisters and zippered mesh bag-type pockets for accessories. It uses hook and loop touch fastener strips to attach the lid organizer to the case.

Kit includes lid organizer (4 mesh pockets, 6 elastic straps), black velcro hook

  • Water resistant
  • High denier nylon fabric
  • Hook and loop touch fastener strips

Pelican iM2600

Pelican iM2620



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