NCase Style Briefcase – Medium Format

What is LCM? LCM is the Sum of (addition) the Width (L-R), Depth (F-B), and Height in cm of the exterior dimensions of the case. For example, a case that was roughly 90w x 70d x 10h would have an LCM of 170.

10mm A-Grade Laminated Plyboard
Heavy Duty Aluminium Angles and Hybrid
Penn Elcom Latches
Heavy-Duty Steel Ball Corners
Heavy-Duty Recessed Sprung Handles

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NCase Style Briefcase – Medium Format

Optional Extras
Coloured Panel Options, Marine Carpet Lining, PE Foam Lining,
Wheels Options:
Corner Castors, Corner Castors and Extendable Handle

Divider Options
1 or 2 Dividers

Our Custom Road cases are made right here in Melbourne at our case factory. All of our custom case solutions are made by experienced professional road, flight and mixer case makers with many years of experience and who take pride in and enjoy what they do. This ensures that you will receive a custom case that is made to your exact specification for your needs and extremely well made.

All our custom cases come with a 3-year warranty against product defects and workmanship.




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