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Pelican™ 3345 LED Flashlight Variable Output

$ 99.95

Full-Time Battery Level Indication
Variable Light Output (automatically adjust to ambient light levels and proximity)
Dual Beams (Spot and Flood)
Safety Certified, Class I, II, III, Division 1/IECEx ia
Integrated Clip
3 AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)

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Auto-Brightness Dual Beam Emergency Torch

Pelican™ 3345 VLO with Variable Light Output: The first pro-grade flashlight that automatically adjusts brightness.

It has a mind of its own. The Variable Light Output sensor (VLO) in the new Pelican™ 3345 VLO examines the ambient light/proximity and instantly adjusts its lumens to the most effective level. Now you can read pressure gauges close up or throw light hundreds of meters away – without hassling over manual power settings. The Variable Light Output sensor also makes the Pelican™ 3345 VLO one of our most energy-efficient flashlights, preserving power and stretching battery life. Plus, the secondary flood beam illuminates potential trip hazards like loose cables, while the primary spot beam brightens long tunnels.

The integrated clip can be mounted to a safety vest for hands-free lighting. With Class I, II, III, Division 1 /IECEx ia certifications and a full-time battery level indicator, you can work in hazardous areas around the globe.


Length 18.4 cm
Weight With Batteries 213 gr
Weight Without Batteries 142 gr
Body ABS
O-Ring NBR
Lens Polycarbonate (PC)
Shroud ABS
Clip ABS

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions19 × 5 × 5 cm



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