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Pelican™ 0457 Horizontal Tool Chest Pallet with Strap $ 84.95

Pelican™ 0456 Vertical Tool Chest Pallet with Strap

$ 84.95

The Pelican 0456 Vertical Tool Pallet is an optional tray designed to go into the shallow drawer of a Pelican 0450 Mobile Tool Chest.
It can hold a variety of tools using an elastic strap system.
It contains 24 elastic loops made to hold tools in three rows containing nine 5cm, twelve 4cm, and three 8.5cm loops.

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This is an accessory designed to suit the Pelican 0450 mobile tool chest.

Exterior Dimensions: 19.45 x 9.7″ x 1″ (49.4 x 24.64 x 2.54 cm) (WxDxH)
Weight: 0.75 oz (21g)

Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions50 × 25 × 3 cm



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