Lightweight Combo Amp or Cabinet Case - Front and Rear Removable Lid Style - Medium - 161 LCM to 220 LCM (Flight Panel) $ 0.00
Lightweight Combo Amp or Cabinet Case - Lift Off Lid Over Style - Small - Up to 160 LCM (Flight Panel) $ 0.00

Lightweight Amplifier Head Case – Lift Off Lid Over Style – Up to 160 LCM (Flight Case)

$ 0.00

What is LCM? LCM is the Sum of (addition) the Width (L-R), Depth (F-B), and Height in cm of the exterior dimensions of the case. For example, a case that was roughly 90w x 70d x 10h would have an LCM of 170.

Standard Features and Hardware
10mm Flight Panel
“Leather-look” profile to black laminate,
Fully Foam Lined with Premium Hard PE Foam
Fully Removable Lift Off Lid for the operation of amp while in case base
Penn Elcom Recessed Pad-lockable Latches
Heavy Duty Recessed Sprung Handles
30mm Heavy Duty Aluminium Angles
25mm Aluminium Joining Hybrids
All our custom cases come with a 3 year warranty against product defects and workmanship.

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Lightweight Amplifier Head Case – Lift Off Lid Over Style – Up to 160 LCM (Flight Case)

Custom Made GigGear Amp Head Case
Built and sized specifically to match your amplifier
Small Format Case for amp heads up to 160 LCM
Lift-Off Lid Over Style for the operation of the amp while in the case base
Wheels Option Available
Custom Made in our road case workshop in Bayswater, Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.
Panel Colours and Heavy Duty panel options are available, please contact us for detail

Optional Extras
Wheels / Castor options for Base Castors
Coloured Panel Options
Branding and Imaging

Flight Panel
– High strength lightweight honeycomb structure
– 35-40% lighter than heavy-duty variant
This case features advanced flight panel material which is specifically designed to reduce the overall weight without compromising on strength. Flight Panel is made from a polypropylene composite that boasts great structural integrity. Unlike core flute, it is strong in both directions and less prone to bending. Flight panel is the perfect solution for flying when you need to keep carrying weight to a minimum.

Weight10 kg
Dimensions100 × 50 × 30 cm



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