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Armour Mic / Patch Cable XLR to XLR – Female to Male

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XLR Female To XLR Male Connectors
High-Performance Cable


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Armour is a brand that represents reliability for how and when you use your instrument and sound equipment. It gets the job done.

Our range of high-performance cables and adaptors are suitable for guitars, microphones, audio equipment and speakers and represent great value with sound performance.

The CCP range of Microphone Leads is high-performance Microphone Cables with 2 x XLR (FEMALE TO MALE) Connectors. Whether for the Studio or Live Gig, the CCP range of cables will perform reliably night after night.

Available in 3ft, 10ft, 20ft

CCP3: 3ft 1m
CCP10: 10ft 3m
CCP20: 20ft 6m

Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm


Cable Length

06ft : 2m, 100ft : 30m, 10ft : 3m, 1ft : 30cm, 20ft : 6m, 2ft : 60cm, 30ft : 9m, 3ft : 90cm, 45ft : 15m, 5ft : 1.5m, 65ft : 20m


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