When you have a lot to store and move around, organise and protect with a GigGear Australia Drawers case. Typically ranging from four to seven drawers, we can design and build to your custom requirements, even converting the front cover to a trestle style table with inbuilt legs. Perfect for touring or portability within a studio or factory setting, GigGear Australia drawers cases will protect and move your equipment for years to come.

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Drawers and Workstation Case – Large


Drawers and Workstation Case – Medium


Drawers and Workstation Case with Wheels – Extra Large


Heavy Duty 4 Drawer Road Case with Lid Compartments

HC-4D $ 879.00

Lightweight Drawers and Workstation Case – Medium (Flight Panel)


Road Case – 7 Drawer and Workstation Case

HC-7D-WS $ 965.00
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