From time to time, a custom order may fall through after the item(s) are completed. rather than throw them away, we place them with a big discount in our Clearance centre. There is nothing wrong with the items within, they are all manufactured to the same GigGear Australia stands as our other cases. Take a look to see if anything we have could suit your needs and enjoy the chance to save some money on a perfect case. Once sold, the items below will be removed from the store so act fast!

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24″ Monitor Screen Road Case – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-69 $ 325.00

76 Key Keyboard Road Case – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-68 $ 450.00

8RU Server Rack Case With Wheels – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-54 $ 640.00

Custom Cut Road Case – 50/50 Style Case – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-39 $ 605.00

Dual Speaker Case for Two RCF TT 2-A Speakers – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-78 $ 795.00

Fender Vibroking Amp Road Case With Castors


Fender Vibroking Lift Off Lid over Combo / Amp Road Case

HC-CLR-72 $ 550.00

Flat Style Packer / Briefcase – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-18 $ 300.00

Lift Off Lid Mixer Case / Roller Packer – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-79 $ 525.00

Lift off Lid over Speaker / Amp Case – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-77 $ 390.00

Light Weight Flight Panel Packer Road Case – Large – Clearance Price

HC-FP-PKR-42 $ 490.00

Light Weight Flight Panel Packer Road Case – Small with Wheels – Clearance Price

HC-FP-PKR-21W $ 490.00

Lightweight Flight Panel Packer Road Case – Small – Clearance Price

HC-FP-PKR-21 $ 435.00

Loom Premium XLR(M) to TRS, Premium 8 Channel

ML-05 $ 50.00

Loom TRS to XLR (F), Premium 8 Channel

ML-03-30 $ 50.00

Medium Packer / Loading Utility Case With Pivotting Lid – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-38 $ 495.00

Mixer Case for Yamaha TF3 Mixing Console and other similar mixers

HC-CLR-75 $ 495.00

Small Speaker Monitor Road Case – Clearance Price

HC-CLR-57 $ 350.00
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