From stargazing on the top of Mount Everest to a photoshoot in the forests of the Amazon, the Pelican™ Long cases are your ideal method for protecting a telescope, jackhammer, rifles, chainsaw, tripods and lights and other long gear. We developed the long cases for easy one-person transport and its depth and length allow for infinite storage possibilities. Like all Pelican cases, standard features include a dustproof and watertight seal and it is backed by their legendary lifetime guarantee of excellence.
We are an authorised Australian dealer for Pelican™.

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Pelican™ 1700 Transport Case

1700 $529.95$584.95

Pelican™ 1720 Transport Case

1720 $579.95$664.95

Pelican™ 1740 Weapons Transport Case

1740 $844.95$974.95

Pelican™ 1745 Air Long Case

1745Air $519.95$639.95

Pelican™ 1750 Weapons Transport Case

1750 $609.95$694.95

Pelican™ 1770 Case

1770 $1,239.95$1,369.95
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