Pelican™ have leveraged 40 plus years of experience in premium protection and focused on creating lightweight mobility solutions for your next global adventure or your everyday carry. The result is the Pelican™ backpack. Created to get you and your gear to its destination in one piece. Built to protect against the harshest elements and the rigours of extreme travel. We, as an authorised Pelican™ dealer, have access to the entire Pelican™ range.

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Pelican™ S100 Sport Elite Laptop Backpack

S100B $284.95

Pelican™ S115 Sport Elite Laptop/Camera Pro Pack

S115B $404.95

Pelican™ S130 Sport Elite Laptop/Camera Divider Pack

S130B $379.95

Pelican™ U100 Urban Elite Laptop Backpack

U100 $389.95

Pelican™ U105 Laptop Backpack

U105 $154.95

Pelican™ U145 Urban Tablet Backpack

U145 $114.95
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