We, as an authorised Pelican™ dealer, have access to the entire Pelican™ range of accessories. Including easy do-it-yourself replacement foam sets for customizing the interior of your case. Layers of foam are pre-scored in tiny cubes. Simply lay your equipment on the foam, tape or chalk to mark the foam, and pluck away.

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Padded Shoulder Strap For 1470, 1490 & 1495 Pelican™ Cases

1472 $44.95

Peli Lock TSA Approved

1506TSA $54.95

Pelican™ 0357 Mobility Kit for 0350 Case

0357 $154.95

Pelican™ 0456 Vertical Tool Chest Pallet with Strap

0456 $84.95

Pelican™ 0457 Horizontal Tool Chest Pallet with Strap

0457 $84.95

Pelican™ 0507 Caster Wheel Kit for 0500 and 0550 Cases

0507 $284.95

Pelican™ 0915 SD Memory Card Case

0915 $54.95

Pelican™ 0945 CF Memory Card Case

0945 $54.95

Pelican™ 0965 XQD/CFExpress Memory Card Case

0965 $54.95

Pelican™ 1507 Peli Quick Mount Set Pkt of 4

1507-Quick-Mount $44.95

Pelican™ 1527 Convertible Travel Bag for 1520 Case

1527 $289.95

Pelican™ Case Padded Divider Inserts (All Case Sizes)

PDI $154.95$319.95

Pelican™ iM20XX-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM20XX-BEZEL $99.95

Pelican™ iM2100-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM2100-BEZEL $139.95

Pelican™ iM2200 BEZEL LID Kit

IM2200-BEZEL-LID $144.95

Pelican™ iM2200-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM2200-BEZEL $144.95

Pelican™ iM2300 BEZEL LID Kit

IM2300-BEZEL-LID $144.95

Pelican™ iM2300-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM2300-BEZEL $144.95

Pelican™ iM2306 BEZEL LID Kit

IM2306-BEZEL-LID $139.95

Pelican™ iM2306-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM2306-BEZEL $139.95

Pelican™ iM24XX BEZEL LID Kit

IM24XX-BEZEL-LID $154.95

Pelican™ iM24XX-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM24XX-BEZEL $154.95

Pelican™ iM2500-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM2500-BEZEL $164.95

Pelican™ iM26XX-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM26XX-BEZEL $164.95

Pelican™ iM27XX BEZEL LID Kit

IM27XX-BEZEL-LID $169.95

Pelican™ iM27XX-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM27XX-BEZEL $179.95

Pelican™ iM2875 BEZEL LID Kit

IM2875-BEZEL-LID $169.95

Pelican™ iM29XX BEZEL LID Kit

IM29XX-BEZEL-LID $174.95

Pelican™ iM29XX-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM29XX-BEZEL $184.95

Pelican™ iM30XX BEZEL LID Kit

IM30XX-BEZEL-LID $219.95

Pelican™ iM30XX-BEZEL Base Bezel Kit

IM30XX-BEZEL $234.95

Pelican™ Lid Organiser Inserts (All Case Sizes)

PLO $69.95$164.95
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