A stage box is an interface device used in sound reinforcement and recording studios to connect equipment to a mixing console. It provides a central location to connect microphones, instruments, and speakers to a multicore cable (snake), which allows the sound desk to be further from the stage and simplifies the setup. Run all your cables to a centralised stage box to avoid a messy stage or studio! GigGear Australia has a range of multicore setups from 20 to 40 (32 + 8 Sends) channels.

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Multicore and Stage Box, 40 Channel (32 + 8 Sends), 50m

MB-06-50 $ 1,040.00

Multicore on Reel : Available in 20 Channel and 24 Channel

MR-03 $ 960.00$ 1,325.00

Multicore with Stage Box – 12 Sends : Available in 10 and 15 metres

MB-12 $ 225.00$ 245.00
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